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HOT PROMOTIONS IBN offers you a variety of packages.

1. Modern Simplicity
2. Modern Artistry
3. Modern Luxury

1. Modern simplicity Style 2. Modern Artistically Style 3. Modern Luxuriousness Style
All packages include 5 pages of original design with text and graphics.
Special price! 1,000 USD (US dollars)

Web Design Section
Extra page : text only$75/page
Extra page : text and graphic$100/page
Extra page text, graphic , and animation$125/page

Web Development Section
Newsletter (keeping a database filled with subscriber e-mail addresses?)$2,000 **Free upgrade
Download movie+audio online
(compatible with Quick Time, Real Player and Media Player)
$1,000/15 seconds
Download more than 15 seconds of extra movie+audio charge and for the 5 seconds plus$20 for every 5 seconds over 15 seconds

Flash animation introduction page$500/15 seconds
Flash : over 5 animations $15 for every 5 seconds over 15 seconds
Download brochure online (compatible with Adobe Acrobat)$250/4 pages
Download brochure online : over 4 pages $75 for each page over four pages
CGI contact forms (customized design)$250/page

** This price excludes a 7% VAT. Price are subjected to change without prior notice.

e-mail : info@ibn-group.com
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